Cloud Forest Reserve

This amazing field site and lodge is based in the heart of the Ecuadorian Andes and has access to incredible biodiversity. The lodge is around 6500 ft above sea level and boasts breathtaking views of the cloud forest. Forest trails lead to a range of altitudes from around 4600 ft at the river to around 8200 ft at the mountain pass.

Incredible  scenery and walks through primary and secondary forests allow the students to explore an exciting range of plant and animal life in this biodiversity hotspot of global importance.

See the Santa Lucia Cloud Forest Reserve Website for further information.

A view from the Santa Lucia Lodge (photo credit Adrian Goodman)


Image source: Santa Lucia Cloud Forest Reserve – Ecuador (

Santa Lucia Lodge
Santa Lucia Lodge (photo credit Catrin Gunther)
Amazing sunsets!
Amazing sunsets! (Photo credit Catrin Gunther)
Relaxing in the hammocks!
Relaxing in the hammocks! (Photo credit Catrin Gunther)

Website author: Adrian Goodman