Students and staff from the School of Life Sciences visit the Cloud Forest in Ecuador as part of the final year Overseas Field Course module.
Students learn about the history, conservation and biology of the site based at the Santa Lucia Cloud Forest Reserve near Nanegal.
Course leader: Dr Adrian Goodman

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Teaching team 2018

Dr Adrian Goodman
Tropical plant biology and biomechanics

Dr Anna Wilkinson
Animal cognition, animal behaviour and hummingbirds

Dr Catrin Günther
Microbial ecology and biochemistry

Dr Carl Soulsbury
Behavioural ecology and evolutionary biology

Prof. Fernando Montealegre-Z
Biomechanics, acoustics, sensory and comparative biology

Dr Michael Gillman
Ecology, evolution, statistics, mathematical models and tropical butterflies

Dr Ana Mariscal (Ecuadorian Botanist)
Plant ecology, forest ecology and plant taxonomy

Students and staff Santa Lucia 2017
Students and staff Santa Lucia 2017